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Stephen R. Allen

A communications consultant for more than 25 years, Stephen Allen specializes in message development, speech writing, media and public speaking coaching, and confrontational-debate preparation.

Steve has counseled or coached state governors, members of congress, ambassadors and candidates for federal and statewide offices—all as they prepared for high stakes television and radio interviews, debates, editorial board briefings, speeches and town hall meetings. He has prepared clients for national interviews on Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Morning Joe, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, NBC Nightly News, Lou Dobbs Tonight (CNN), Hannity, 60 Minutes, Fox & Friends, Mad Money, Squawk Box and other prominent network news and public affairs shows.

Current and past clients of Steve’s include university leaders and professors, coaches and professional athletes, Fortune 500 executives, citizen’s groups, notable Hollywood actors, corporate marketing departments, non-profit organizations, and Indian tribal councils. Steve has coached spokespersons for more than 80 ballot campaigns in 15 states on topics ranging from gaming, taxation, GMO labeling and environmental and public health protection to nuclear energy, tort reform, mining, healthcare, stem cell research and policy, governmental reform, oil and gas exploration, and electricity deregulation.

Melding the discrete talents of technical know-how with those of effective language usage, Steve can make a complex issue easy to grasp or craft a high-profile speech that resonates with its audience. Steve has managed the development of white papers, written op-eds and advertorials, and prepared high-profile individuals for testimony before Congress. He has been the primary author on gubernatorial inaugural and state-of-the-state addresses, university commencement speeches, and major civic and political speeches. In addition, Steve frequently assists major corporations on PowerPoint presentations, investor-day presentations, and board-of-director briefings.

Over the years, companies and organizations confronted by crisis have called on Steve’s counsel to develop response strategies and provide on-the-fly coaching to spokespersons. His ability to break down data and come up-to-speed on an issue make for telling messages that punch through the constant din of digital, print, and broadcast information. Coaching clients on effective message delivery has taken Steve to Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, South Korea and Hong Kong.

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Steve holds a BS degree from Virginia Military Institute and MS degrees from Tufts University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.