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Every message makes an impression. Certain traits make sure it’s favorable.

Successful communications begin with effective messages—those that punch through the din to be heard. And not just heard but be understood and, what is more, remembered.

Messages that achieve that sought-after triumvirate of traits share some others. They are relevant but also simple. They emanate credibility. They are perceived as common sense. Such attributes make messages more coherent, more compelling, better at positioning organizations and campaigns to attain their goals.

Depending on the assignment, SalientPoint may use opinion research, issue analysis, our insights, or some combination of these to collaborate with you in creating targeted, effective messages. We develop a message framework braced with information, plus message enhancers that allow repetition without redundancy. By using examples, analogies, one-liners and meaningful statistics, we help you ensure your messages are memorable, even quotable.

For consistent delivery, SalientPoint coaches corporate and organizational spokespersons, executives and political candidates to confidently articulate messages during high-stakes interviews, debates, presentations and meetings. We also help you ensure that collateral materials, websites, speeches, position papers and advertising campaigns—any vehicle that communicates for you—conveys your messages well.