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Whether spoken or written, messages have to be understood the way the sender intends if they’re to be effective.

From the spoken to the written communication, SalientPoint delivers—whether it is a crisis situation, an interview, a routine announcement, media event, ballot issue or political campaign.

Messages must be understood and memorable to push through today’s overload of information to reach your audience. SalientPoint works closely with you to develop well-worded messages plus the supporting facts and information that enable you to deliver them with ease and confidence. And since message development is both art and science, we combine our methodology with video examples to reveal how theory and practical application go hand-in-hand.

We coach business leaders, spokespersons and candidates on how to engage the media and deliver key messages and information. All aspects of media interaction are covered, from staying on message to fielding tough questions, with numerous video clips to demonstrate techniques under a range of circumstances. We emphasize how gesture, expression, posture, inflection, pausing, and pace enliven a speech or PowerPoint to help connect with an audience. Formal and informal speeches can be crafted or existing ones re-worked to make them concise, memorable, or an even better fit for your natural way of speaking. You come away prepared to maintain credibility, be on the offensive during debates, and give speeches or handle interviews, testimony, presentations, and high-stakes meetings with poise.

Effective communication initiatives often require appropriate collateral materials that distribute information and contribute to successful message deployment. SalientPoint can develop brochures, fact sheets, positions papers and other materials—with website content that mirrors them—to inform your audience, influence their opinion, or urge them to action. We also offer in-depth experience on media releases, op-eds and advertorials, on setting up and managing interviews, presentations and teleconferences, and as media spokespersons.

When a complex or technical subject is the basis for messages to foster public understanding, it inevitably calls for simplified language distilled from thorough research and analysis. SalientPoint does both: the research and analysis followed by the reporting that makes key aspects easier to grasp. To provide these discrete skill-sets, we uniquely combine our technical backgrounds with wide-ranging communications experience on science, technology and a range of policy issues. Synthesizing complex information into easy-to-understand language comes naturally to us. We can help you make your case well.