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George Tisdale
Senior Associate

With more than three decades of professional writing experience, George Tisdale brings creative flair to engaging writing to meet the various needs of individuals, corporations, educational institutions, non-profits, and initiatives. George works competently and quickly on virtually any subject and has a bias for close collaboration with clients on behalf of capturing their authentic and distinctive voices.

As an awarding-winning creative director and copywriter and a former vice president of a national advertising agency, George has honed his skill in writing persuasively at both constrained and expansive word counts. He’s particularly comfortable tackling subjective subject matter and finding the most telling ways to express key takeaways so that they stick in the mind of a target audience.

In addition to writing and editing speeches, George has written annual reports, case studies, white papers, traditional print advertising campaigns, broadcast advertising campaigns, major websites and narrowly defined microsites, training audios, industrial sell sheets, investor relations handouts, direct response packages, technical articles, manuals, sales support materials, capability brochures, and capital campaigns and annual funds, case statements and other fundraising materials. He has written business articles as a ghostwriter as well as under his own byline.

George has drawn on his published experience writing humorous personal essays to craft debate-point zingers for political candidates. He currently has a comedic literary novel being marketed by a New York literary agency.

George served an as air defense artillery officer in the US Army, both stateside and in the Far East. He has a BA in English from Virginia Military Institute.