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The camera and microphone are never off. You have to be always on.

Political candidates, academic leaders, athletes, Fortune 500 company executives, and citizen’s group spokespersons have all taken advantage of SalientPoint coaching expertise to hone their speaking skills, techniques and strategies. Whether one-on-one or in a small-group workshop, our coaching, based on comprehensive training references and decades of experience, leaves nothing to chance in preparing you.

We’ll give you a thorough grasp of delivery techniques plus the situational skills and strategies that instill confidence in any venue. They include visual and vocal techniques for interviews and public presentations, use of message enhancers, and how to field and transform contentious questions into opportunities to reinforce your message. And our large, up-to-date library of video clips will demonstrate in entertaining and arresting ways the differences between being prepared and not.

Because delivery matters, we emphasize the use of gestures, expression, posture, inflection, cadence and pacing—the subtle but important nuances that bring a speech to life for an audience. We have you practice. And we video your speech, mock interview, mini presentation or Q&A segment and replay it for constructive critique.

The Internet and 24/7 media coverage raise the stakes for any public appearance. SalientPoint media and public speaking coaching will make certain you’re ready.