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Vera B. Geba

With more than three decades of strategic analysis and communications consulting experience, Vera Geba works with corporations, business and trade organizations, ballot measure campaigns and advocacy coalitions on a wide range of technical aspects, policy considerations, and business concerns. She is skilled at technical issue research and analysis, and synthesizing complex subjects into clear, cohesive information designed for audiences from policymakers, legislators, and business leaders to the media and general public.

Vera has created content for position papers, issue briefs, fact sheets, brochures, newsletter articles, and presentations for dozens of organizations across the country. Among her credits for corporations, trade associations, and ballot measure campaigns are collateral materials on topics such as carbon policies, electricity deregulation, energy technologies and infrastructure, environmental concerns, public health policy, and tax and regulatory issues.  

On ballot and advocacy campaigns, she serves as a research, issue and content consultant to guide message development and communications efforts with supporting facts and information. She has participated in media communications for organizations, preparing and distributing press releases and statements in routine as well as crisis communications. Vera has also contributed to the preparation of emergency plans to guide communications during crisis situations.

For political candidates, she has worked on position papers on economic, infrastructure, and energy issues and contributed content for high stakes speeches.

Writing and placing editorials and articles, whether to publicize project and program announcements or advocate positions or promote an initiative’s newsworthy results, are additional honed skills Vera brings her clients. So, too, are creating website content and downloadable materials including information development for distribution through social media channels.

Vera is a former vice president at Energy Research Group, Inc., a Boston consulting firm. There she developed marketing plans for new energy technologies, participated in technical assessments of alternative energy resources, conducted energy efficiency program evaluations, and prepared analyses and reports on energy and environmental policy for industry trade associations as well as a variety of energy companies and electric utilities.

Vera holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.